You are the product of your past decisions.

«Le succès n'est rien de plus que quelques simples disciplines pratiquées tous les jours »

This should be a hint for your desire to change which must be alive as without it nothing will ever change.

Tony Robbins coined the CANI acronym which stand for Constant And Never Ending Improvement which can only occur with the desire to improve all the time over your lifetime. So you have to take decisions on what to achieve, what to change in your habits and a commitment to your decisions.

How to take the right decisions is an art and a science. It requires verifiable information,  a desire to analyze the information and take action. Both are mandatory. Then you need action because information without action is no power. If your information is right and you act on it then you might get to your goal. But you need to commit to it otherwise you will never acquire the habit.

Making sure the information is good is key. Therefore due diligence is paramount.

So to take good decisions is constant work and requires practice and change in your habits and way of thinking. To seek new knowledge and identify new trends is the activity leading to improve the quality of your decisions. But we all know that to change is hard for most people.

Why change is so hard? Why most people think they cannot change?
The main reason is because they wrongly believe that change is hard and that they can’t, as simple as that, it is a belief and a habit: the habit to believe the same beliefs! Learning how to change habit is simple but not easy. Nobody can force you but you.

Now you understand the title. But it begs the question then: how do I make and take good decisions, right?

The short answer is: you cannot until you try and find out by yourself! Knowledge follows the experience to quote Lawrence Poole.

You can research and train yourself at making good decisions, all entrepreneurs have to excel at it if they are going to survive and thrive. Training is habit that needs to be sharpened everyday. It is actually a vital habit and the seventh one described in late Steven Covey‘ book: ”The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” and is: sharpen the saw.

Taking the right decisions is not enough, you really need to also change your habits if you want to steer your life towards your new goals, and that is tricky too. We are creatures of habits and to change them we must consciously engage in new actions, in new activities that will help us practice and acquire new habits, new skills and new types of decisions.