I’ve Just Found Out My Coach!

Announcing My New Kick Ass Project In 2021! With Simon Chan

I’ve Just Found Out My Coach!

We want to contribute to help people facing the challenging times ahead and we truly believe people need people more than money.

I needed the help from Simon Chan so I’ve hired him for this exciting idea.

If you wonder what it is about, most people need it, you need it, and I need it! In every crisis there is an opportunity, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime!

If you are just curious about it let us know in the comments:

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Great Advice From A Great Guy!

Jim Rohn

Great Advice From A Great Guy!

“Let others lead small small lives…But not you
Let others argue over small things…But not you
Let others cry over small hurts…But not you
Let someone else leave their future in someone else’s hands…
but not you” — Jim Rohn

The Future Of The Web And The World

Tim Berners-Lee

From the inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, the new web will put the power where it belongs, in your hands.

Powerful forces are creating an inevitable change to personal data on the web.

With Solid, Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s potent open source technology, Inrupt is channeling these forces toward a new era of creativity, opportunity, and market-shaping competition — for all.