To Grow Is To Learn Managing Your Habits

What makes you uncomfortable makes you grow. What you become depends on how you use your time. The billionaire and the beggar, both have 24 hours in a day, same for the old and the young or black and white etc. We cannot stop a day or an hour. Only you can control how it is going to be used, your choice, your life. From auto-pilot to decision maker is all within your choices, your decisions, your commitment.

Everything comes down to the decisions that you make.

So NOT to decide IS a decision.

Watch this ten minutes video, you are in command.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail

Is this not your plan?

That is an old saying that is so true. I discovered that fact when I  first read the classic ”Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He discovered in his study on famous successful entrepreneurs that they all had a written plan to achieve their goals.

In the game of chess they say you are better off with a bad plan than no plan at all.

So not planning is actually a plan, but certainly not yours. It sounds like a guaranty to end up where you did not intend, where do you intend to be in 10 years?



Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Not much needs to be added to this conclusion.

When somebody does not do what they said they would, their very action of not doing it does mean something for sure. We might speculate as for the why they neglected to act on their own words, but one thing we can infer for sure is that they do not value their lact of action as damaging to their image and reputation as they probably should.

It is easy to say things but it takes efforts to do things and follow through. If one has been clear on the expected outcome then a tangible effect of this behavior is to lower the quality of communication. This creates confusion leading inevitably to lost of time to clarify things.

In the end one might balance the pros and cons of the time it would take to clarify things as opposed to finding a better match for the task at hands if any.