A 90-Year Human Life Displayed In Months!

If people could visualize with one image how fast their life is happening, they might feel a sense of urgency about improving their decisions. That changed my perspective on procrastination and highlighted the high risks involved!

I’ve just turned 60 this month! I still have to train a few more millionaires before returning to Stardust!

A study reported in Scientific Americain magazine suggests that people could live up to 150 years!

Does anyone want to share their proven lifestyle or method to increase the lifespan to 120?

A 90-Year Human Life In Months!

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“Everything In Excess Is Opposed To Nature”

“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” — Hippocrates

"Everything In Excess Is Opposed To Nature"

Hippocrates was wise, what can be said about the state of modern medicine when practitioners are victims of censorship? When malpractice becomes an obligation written into “so-called” laws, excessiveness is never a precaution.

Is Your Job Costing You 100% Of Your Time?

Time wasted. Multiple income sources.

Is it too much?

What dreams are you sacrificing?

What legacy will you leave?

What happens if your health goes away?

Is your retirement plan ok for 75 years old, or 85? Or 95 or 100?

What if the cost of living doubles every five years?

Winter is coming, start looking at how to prepare for that by building many additional income streams!

Ask for my tips on where to start looking.

Your most important decision ever is to become rich!

Who lives in poverty

Why is your most important decision ever to become rich?

I risk saying: that is because there are only two types of people: the rich and the poor.

The middle class is an illusion, it does NOT exist. Why not you might ask? Because when you lose your JOB, how long before you end up broke?

Now you see. Back to rich and poor: why the rich will never go broke. I can say without a doubt it’s because they have many income streams. They don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.

Now, to be rich is not only about money. We all know people with millions in their possession behaving as if they were poor, but that is for another post.

Do you agree with this:

Your most important decision ever is to become rich

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