Increasing Pace Of Change

What took decades now take years or months!

I saw Michael McQueen this week-end at Usana Canadian annual convention in Montréal, let him explain how and why, enjoy!

Conscious Of Incompetence

Are you conscious of your limitations? Or the skills you lack to get where you want?

Engaging into any new venture requires training to acquire the new skills and knowledge for it, so any plan to get there SHOULD include a training plan or program.

You HAVE tod read the best books, videos or audio training material you can get your hands on.

Then you start to know where you need to focus to become competent in this new field.

Refusing to accept this fact (that your are NOT competent at first) will forever keep your at your current level of mediocrity. You then start to blame others to justify your lack of improvement until you realize that you are the source of everything that is happening to you or not in life.