Are You Stressed-out?


I’m grateful for my friend Simon Chan. I used to let everything stress me out and this crazy year would definitely have derailed me. 😬

I’m so glad how Simon Chan taught me to be solution oriented instead of focusing on problems.

I’m so much more confident 😇and happier now 😄 and most importantly I’m making an impact in my community while having fun at it!

2020 has definitely been the best year of my life! 🎉😃

Are You Positive?


Positivity doesn’t guarantee success but negativity definitely guarantees failure!
Positivity also makes you HAPPIER! 🙂
If you struggle to be positive, take a minute to list out 10 things you’re grateful for.
There are millions of people out there that would love to switch places with you.
This alone will make you realize that no matter how many problems you have, you still have much to be thankful for.