A 90-Year Human Life Displayed In Months!

If people could visualize with one image how fast their life is happening, they might feel a sense of urgency about improving their decisions. That changed my perspective on procrastination and highlighted the high risks involved!

I’ve just turned 60 this month! I still have to train a few more millionaires before returning to Stardust!

A study reported in Scientific Americain magazine suggests that people could live up to 150 years!

Does anyone want to share their proven lifestyle or method to increase the lifespan to 120?

A 90-Year Human Life In Months!

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Investing or not in your health, what are the risks?

Investing or not in your health, what are the risks?

Investing or not in your health, what are the risks?

If you do nothing today to prevent it, you have a 100% chance of confirming the statistics. This means as you age you are closer to dying from heart failure or degenerative disease and becoming sick.

The consequences: not able to work anymore BUT, plagued with heavy sick care bills and broke. Keep in mind that an average of 3 days of sickness costs around $400 per month.

Now, for $300 a month in clean water, complete cellular nutrition, a few simple healthy habits what do you have? You have about a 90% chance of not getting sick at all. What more? You’ll slow down ageing and as a result, you’ll be living a vibrant and prolonged lifest.

The bottom line: you’ll spend the money one way or another so, you might as well get healthy.


Listen Better

A few years ago when I retired from retirement I got involved in a new way of marketing. Building marketing channels with social media.

I only had my old school of thinking skills that was good in the 80s. Grinding on social media is a form of spamming in the end and not fun for anyone.

I had too many people I knew who would go silent on me. Even those who showed some initial interest in my offers and proposals.

Here are some reasons why people go silent on you and a few tips if you want to create a serious organization:

✔ You are not listening to them. Tip: Get Chris Voss book ”Never Split The Difference” to learn how to negotiate and get them to say ”NO” first.

✔ They lost influence on their side of the table – somebody talked them out of it. Tip: Read Chriss Voss blog post ”The Top 4 ‘No-Oriented’ Questions” this will make your life so much easier.

Which one do you feel you’d need to put in place right away?

Would love to hear from you, leave that answer in the comment below.

Have a great day!