Who Is Controlling Your Mind?

The most important decision ever: taking control of your mind!

Did you know your mind is a computer? It comes with pre-installed software.  In the bundle you have the part that you do not control (hardware), for instance the biological functions such as breathing. The other part is all the  preconceived beliefs (software) from your immediate environment: your parents, friends, school, church, government etc.

Only when you reach this understanding that your brain is a computer, only then you can decide if your want to re program it to your liking. The challenge is not to replace it with another belief, but more with an open minded attitude  allowing you to always improve on it, to debug the bad reasoning and allowing you to excel at creating your life.

We all know that the kids blowing themselves up are re programmed by specialists and this is the danger: not knowing this capacity you have to change your very own program. The freedom oriented individual who wants to create his or her life knows that very well. They work at it everyday to make sure the right automation is installed and not the bad ones, never mind the deadly ones. They set the goals, their priorities and manage very well their time therefore creating their own world and lives.

The ignorants on the other end believe whatever makes them feel good at the moment or whatever is fashionable and thus never are masters of their own beliefs, values and therefore their lives.  They allow other people to program their minds. Their lives and their time are managed and controlled by others. They only get what is planned by whoever or whatever manage their lives and time.

Is this your case? What are you going to do about it? Contact me or read every article on this site if you want to know how to change that state. Taking control of your programming is THE ONLY key to create everything you want.


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