Scope And Limits Of One’s reponsibility

Can Decide What You Believe In?

I think we are 100% responsible of our own beliefs and actions or behavior BUT why should I for my drunk neighbor? Or anything that is done without my consent and against my will?

This describes governments’ behavior of-course and to a certain extend religion because one has a choice in what to believe. According to contract doctrines and so called laws there could be NO social contract without the informed consent and will of free people.  Now, not to question your beliefs IS a decision. Did you take the good ones?

In business your are the product of your past decisions and in life too, so you are much better to take control of your beliefs as they will bring you exactly where they lead you, the question is: is this where you want or decided to go?

All government have a fatal contradiction that destroys their ”raison-d’être”, their legitimacy. If they claim to have suppressed slavery then logically they cannot enforce any of their so called ”laws” or rules against your will  and or without your consent as doing so is claiming to rule you as a master reducing you by force to slavery. These masters rightly believe that the slave who believes to be free is much more productive than the one who knows is being exploited to his detriment.

The fact that they still do it cannot be construed as consent since we all comply under duress as we all know they will always find somebody willing (by complicity or sheer ignorance and obeying orders) to use force to jail you or worse in order to gain your properties (energy) and silence you.

The effect of this fact on society could be seen as a values, and these value are violence and domination. So our societies value violence.

Law societies are very aware of that state, are you? Maybe that is why they call it the state. Ignorance of what is is no excuse, but to whom? Are we responsible? Is it the party offering the illusion (under duress or not is irrelevant in my opinion) or is it the one accepting it with all the consequences?  Who should turn on the light? This gives you more questions than answers, no?  A hint : when awareness becomes greater than ignorance.

It is hard to change the government, don’t you think? Beside you can get killed in the process. It is also hard to change yourself BUT it is way easier than the alternative: to change the world. You CAN decide anything you want and start to change yourself, it is simple BUT it is not easy.  You can pick the country that provides the best conditions for your business model, you can pick the business model that best fit your style, in the end it is all up to you to create your life, one decision at the time.

If They Say It Then It Must Be True

Selling is one of the most important skill for any and all business people. Some are afraid of doing it in fear of harassing people (and being seen as a peddler – what an awful feeling) because they have not yet fully understood that it is the opposite of buying. There could be no selling without a buyer.

So anyone who decided to study selling with the objective of getting good at it must learn the basics about it.

One of the basic concepts is to recognize that any claims that you say has a potential of not being true if the buyer is not sold on your true intentions or you have not gained their trust yet. But if you agree with something and say it yourself, then it must be true, no? If they say it, it could be false BUT if I say it it must be true.

If I say: “This is the best product in the world” you might think in your mind prove it, right? Now if I say “This product has been number one in customer satisfactions over the last 5 years, do you think this is a good thing for you?” Then you might think this could be a good thing, right? And if you say yes it is, then you’ve said it therefore it’s true.

You see this is because you say it to yourself then it is true and therefore you are closer to decide if the product provides a valid solution to your problem.

In sales the seller’s objective is to have the prospect agreeing on small things all along the presentation in order to build the desire and the reasons to justify the action of trying the product.


MLM Is A Great Business Model

He’s the author of the best selling business books of all time, the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series. For the past several years, multimillionaire businessman, entrepreneur, and investor Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of network marketing. He has made the claim that network marketing is the business of the 21st Century.

Starting A Business Or Starting A Job?

All forms of business are NOT equal. Robert Kiyosaki explains it well in his numerous YouTube videos and his book “The Business Of The 21th Century”.

When an entrepreneur has a mindset that if you want to have something done you better do it yourself, then this mindset limits your business opportunities to those requiring you to make it work. For instance a massage therapist, or a web site designer or even a doctor etc.

These model’s problem is that the business depends on you to earn money, when you do not work no money flows in. Also you only have a limited number of hours in a week so this limits also the income you can generate. In summary you get no leverage (from the work of others) and no passive income (income generated by others or rents or automatic repeats orders).

In the end you end up building a trap (job which stands for just over broke)  which means you’ll never create enough wealth to enjoy your time on earth because you will always  have to work for the money. You will remain stuck in the S quadrant as he explains in this video.

Financial Education – Why It Matters For Success

When Robert Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, he subtitled it: “What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money — That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!” Unless you grew up around the rich, you probably have never been taught even the basics you need to be rich.

If you do not know what an effective interest rate is as opposed to a nominal interest rate, then you need to get educated ASAP! Otherwise you will never be able to stop working and have you bills paid out by your investments’ return since you’ll have none!

You need to get educated about finance. For that, if you know how to count you have 25%, if you are aware that you are ignorant and want to fix that status you have another 25%. You get the next 50% when you find out how to generate passive income and keep your assets (avoid taxes or reduce them 90%).

The smartest thing you can do is to build a business. Do you want to work hard for the rest of your life or you you want to work for freedom? If you work for money you work for security BUT you will never get security as your grow older. What makes you rich is not money BUT business skills.

Network marketing will allow you the time at a very low cost of entry to acquire the business skills and mindset you need to get to your freedom, it’s all up to you and the action you invest in getting trained. Hence the saying: earn while you learn.