Starting A Business Or Starting A Job?

All forms of business are NOT equal. Robert Kiyosaki explains it well in his numerous YouTube videos and his book “The Business Of The 21th Century”.

When an entrepreneur has a mindset that if you want to have something done you better do it yourself, then this mindset limits your business opportunities to those requiring you to make it work. For instance a massage therapist, or a web site designer or even a doctor etc.

These model’s problem is that the business depends on you to earn money, when you do not work no money flows in. Also you only have a limited number of hours in a week so this limits also the income you can generate. In summary you get no leverage (from the work of others) and no passive income (income generated by others or rents or automatic repeats orders).

In the end you end up building a trap (job which stands for just over broke)  which means you’ll never create enough wealth to enjoy your time on earth because you will always  have to work for the money. You will remain stuck in the S quadrant as he explains in this video.

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