Setting goals the SMART or the HEART way?

Setting goals the SMART or the HEART way?

The SMART goals system is quite popular but have you heard about the HEART based system?

The challenge for many people is that this process, while logical, is very heady. To get your goals out of your head and into your hands, make sure they fit with your emotions—with your HEART:
Kwik, Jim. Limitless (p. 116). Hay House. Édition du Kindle.

H is for Healthy: How can you make sure your goals support your greater well-being? Your goals should contribute to your mental, physical, and emotional health.
E is for Enduring: Your goals should inspire and sustain you during the difficult times when you want to quit.
A is for Alluring: You shouldn’t always have to push yourself to work on your goals. They should be so exciting, enticing, and engaging that you’re pulled toward them.
R is for Relevant: Don’t set a goal without knowing why you’re setting it. Ideally, your goals should relate to a challenge you’re having, your life’s purpose, or your core values.
T is for Truth: Don’t set a goal just because your neighbor is doing it or your parents expect it of you. Make sure your goal is something you want, something that remains true to you. If your goal isn’t true to you, you’re far more likely to procrastinate and sabotage yourself.
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So You Think You Have Everything You Need In Your Food?

But how do you know if your cells really have  everything they need?

Do you have a check list and blood sample made you can verify everyday?
Do you rely 100% on your medical doctor?
How do you even know what to look for?

Scientists all agree now that it is NOT what you eat that triggers most of the degenerative diseases, but it is mostly what you do NOT eat.


Seven Arguments for Taking Nutritional Supplements

So you are an analytical skeptic and need the footnotes?

Everybody knows or should know that our environment has been massively degraded since the bombs used in world war two were recycled into our growing field as fertilizer, propelling a new era of growing food. Who am I to say that this is the wrong way? According to this article: ”Seven Arguments for Taking Nutritional Supplements” by a respected source in my opinion, there is compelling evidence suggesting we all need high quality supplements, not the low quality (99%) found everywhere. You want the pharmaceutical grade supplements you can find from a friend of yours who has spent hours studying the subject.

Did you know that 68% of americains take supplements?

Not taking high quality supplements is a sure way to do nothing to prevent getting  one of the many degenerative diseases and worse, to age prematurely. Who loves aching everyday and bigger wrinkles? Why not slowing aging by whatever percentage today since it is possible? All it takes is four to six nutritional supplements in the morning and in the evening to feed your trillions of cells what they need and you feel better and look younger right away! You do not believe  me?

Did I mentioned these crop growing fields were also sprayed with deadly chemical?

If you are like me and do not want to miss out on the possibility of feeling better and aging slower, you want to know what are the best ones. Read and watch what these people say, can you afford 10 minutes to get the scientific facts? How much is your health worth? Would you pay $20,000 a year in insurance or rather a mere $2000 on prevention while enjoying a fantastic life? You choice, your life, your way.


If They Say It Then It Must Be True

Selling is one of the most important skill for any and all business people. Some are afraid of doing it in fear of harassing people (and being seen as a peddler – what an awful feeling) because they have not yet fully understood that it is the opposite of buying. There could be no selling without a buyer.

So anyone who decided to study selling with the objective of getting good at it must learn the basics about it.

One of the basic concepts is to recognize that any claims that you say has a potential of not being true if the buyer is not sold on your true intentions or you have not gained their trust yet. But if you agree with something and say it yourself, then it must be true, no? If they say it, it could be false BUT if I say it it must be true.

If I say: “This is the best product in the world” you might think in your mind prove it, right? Now if I say “This product has been number one in customer satisfactions over the last 5 years, do you think this is a good thing for you?” Then you might think this could be a good thing, right? And if you say yes it is, then you’ve said it therefore it’s true.

You see this is because you say it to yourself then it is true and therefore you are closer to decide if the product provides a valid solution to your problem.

In sales the seller’s objective is to have the prospect agreeing on small things all along the presentation in order to build the desire and the reasons to justify the action of trying the product.