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Daily Self-Talk Messages from the Dean of Positive Self-Talk Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D., is the author of 17 books in the field of selftalk and personal growth, including What to Say When You Talk to Your Self, and The Power of Neuroplasticity. His books are published in more than 70 countries worldwide. Shad has appeared on over 1200 radio and television programs, including repeat appearances on Oprah Winfrey, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN News.

Helmstetter, Shad. 365 Days of Positive Self-Talk (p. 1). Park Avenue Press. Édition du Kindle.

I just finished reading and using that one. I must admit I should have known this 35 years ago.


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, June 22, 2020
Commentary by Damien Downing, MBBS, MRSB

(OMNS June 22, 2020) If we act on the data showing that it is highly probable that vitamin D can save lives, we could fix this pandemic in a month, for perhaps $2 per person. There would be no significant adverse effects. If we wait for “evidence” that vitamin D mitigates the impact of COVID-19, thousands more will die. If we could arrange to give everyone vitamin D, and it failed to protect them, so what? The risk from not acting is much greater than the risk from acting. Dosage is important and generally misunderstood.

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Personalize Your COVID-19 Prevention

An Orthomolecular Protocol
by Michael J Gonzalez, NMD, PhD

You have to go to this page, it has everything you need to know and more. The basics here about vitamin C:

A small briefing on Vitamin C as an antiviral

Vitamin C has 11 antiviral mechanisms and should be the first line of defense against any viral disease including COVID-19. Vitamin C has worked against every single virus including influenzas, pneumonia, and even poliomyelitis. COVID-19 is a very serious contagious disease. But contagion to a virus largely depends on the susceptibility of the host. It is well established that low vitamin C levels increase susceptibility to viruses. It must be emphasized that only 200 mg of vitamin C per day resulted in an 80% decrease in deaths among severely ill, hospitalized respiratory disease patients. Drs. Frederick R. Klenner and Robert F. Cathcart successfully treated influenza and pneumonia with very high doses of vitamin C. A coronavirus pandemic can be stopped with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Acute organ failure, especially pulmonary failure (acute respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS) is the main cause of COVID-19 fatality. As mentioned above, significantly increased oxidative stress due to the rapid release of free radicals and cytokines etc. is the hallmark of ARDS which leads to cellular injury, organ failure and death.