Success begins with the small things 💯

delayed gratification

Success begins with the small things 💯

👉🏼 How you do something is how you do everything

Every discipline affects every other discipline

👉🏼 and one of the disciplines you must develop is delayed gratification 💯

If you learn to just wait, it’ll help you on the right path to success. 😀📈

👉🏼 Never sacrifice what you want most for what you want now.

Is Truth Powerful And Lies Weak?


Is Truth Powerful And Lies Weak?

In consciousness-raising programs in general, a universal dictum is that one is powerless until one tells the truth. All spiritually oriented self-help groups require this first step.

What is the difference between power and force? When you force yourself to do something it’s easy to stop because you go against a force like a bad habit. When you are attracted to something, it’s easy because the power of attraction pulls you.

Liberty And Freedom Are Not FREE!

Liberty And Freedom Are Not FREE!

I have a vision:

I feel and I can see an army of free thinkers, of people who want a better life for themselves, for their family and for the people, who know that things will never be the same and will take on the challenge to leverage their vital energy and the tools of the digital world we are all in now.

There is no escape, our fathers and grand fathers fought an enemy that is still around today. This enemy is fear within ourselves. Why are you here? Why are you doing what you know is wrong? You’ve been sold a bad plan. Or did you buy it? Why not take a stand and join the army of life designers that dream, think and build the new and much much better world where everybody has a life, not a job for a company that robs all of your time?

The decision is yours.

DM me to find out how we will build this world with simple daily habits.

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The Importance Of Planning.


The Importance Of Planning.

One of my mentors taught me that failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you want to be more productive next week, take a few moments this weekend to plan out next week.

What are some things that need to be done?!

Write them down and create an action plan or schedule for you to get those things done.