These 5 Decisions Define You as an Entrepreneur

As defined by Julia Tang Peters:

“Leadership is about making decisions to change the story –changing the course of events from how it will likely go if you don’t take bold action, and having a vision for how you want the story to go if you took bold action.  There are five opportunities where you make the story instead of the story making you.”

– Julia Tang Peters

Julia Tang Peters, in her new book Pivot Points, concludes that there are five pivotal decisions that propel some entrepreneurs to be gifted leaders:

  1. The launching decision
  2. The turning point decision
  3. The tipping point decision
  4. The re-commitment decision
  5. The letting go decision

An article in the Huffington Post gives you more details, or you can watch her below.

To Grow Is To Learn Managing Your Habits

What makes you uncomfortable makes you grow. What you become depends on how you use your time. The billionaire and the beggar, both have 24 hours in a day, same for the old and the young or black and white etc. We cannot stop a day or an hour. Only you can control how it is going to be used, your choice, your life. From auto-pilot to decision maker is all within your choices, your decisions, your commitment.

Everything comes down to the decisions that you make.

So NOT to decide IS a decision.

Watch this ten minutes video, you are in command.