So What Is Your Burning Desire?

You want to succeed?

Then you need to acquire the business skills to build a successful business. This business will be your first real asset.

Now the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to do that is learning while earning with a network marketing company such as Usana.

Building such network is fun BUT you MUST learn the four major type of people so you can recognize the ones that are qualified, the ones like you with a burning desire.

Let’s watch what Robert Kiyosaki says about these four types of people, it’s really enlightening.

Four Type Of People

The biggest enemy is OURSELVES!

If success would be easy, everybody would be successful, no?

This is true as a rule because life looks like that when you are not trained in business. Without knowing what to expect when you start your business you run the risk of buying these people’s fears of your success. Why? They do not want you to succeed because it will make them look bad:

So the real cure is NOT to buy their baseless opinions provided you did your own research, as if they would truly research the market they would want to get their share BUT they are too lazy to even bother dreaming.

Either they buy your story or you buy theirs, it still boils down to your own decision and since your always train yourself into better decision making, you should win.

You are the product of your past decisions.

This should be a hint for your desire to change which must be alive as without it nothing will ever change.

Tony Robbins coined the CANI acronym which stand for Constant And Never Ending Improvement which can only occur with the desire to improve all the time over your lifetime. So you have to take decisions on what to achieve, what to change in your habits and a commitment to your decisions.

How to take the right decisions is an art and a science. It requires verifiable information,  a desire to analyze the information and take action. Both are mandatory. Then you need action because information without action is no power. If your information is right and you act on it then you might get to your goal. But you need to commit to it otherwise you will never acquire the habit.

Making sure the information is good is key. Therefore due diligence is paramount.

So to take good decisions is constant work and requires practice and change in your habits and way of thinking. To seek new knowledge and identify new trends is the activity leading to improve the quality of your decisions. But we all know that to change is hard for most people.

Why change is so hard? Why most people think they cannot change?
The main reason is because they wrongly believe that change is hard and that they can’t, as simple as that, it is a belief and a habit: the habit to believe the same beliefs! Learning how to change habit is simple but not easy. Nobody can force you but you.

Now you understand the title. But it begs the question then: how do I make and take good decisions, right?

The short answer is: you cannot until you try and find out by yourself! Knowledge follows the experience to quote Lawrence Poole.

You can research and train yourself at making good decisions, all entrepreneurs have to excel at it if they are going to survive and thrive. Training is habit that needs to be sharpened everyday. It is actually a vital habit and the seventh one described in late Steven Covey‘ book: ”The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” and is: sharpen the saw.

Taking the right decisions is not enough, you really need to also change your habits if you want to steer your life towards your new goals, and that is tricky too. We are creatures of habits and to change them we must consciously engage in new actions, in new activities that will help us practice and acquire new habits, new skills and new types of decisions.


Who Is Controlling Your Mind?

The most important decision ever: taking control of your mind!

Did you know your mind is a computer? It comes with pre-installed software.  In the bundle you have the part that you do not control (hardware), for instance the biological functions such as breathing. The other part is all the  preconceived beliefs (software) from your immediate environment: your parents, friends, school, church, government etc.

Only when you reach this understanding that your brain is a computer, only then you can decide if your want to re program it to your liking. The challenge is not to replace it with another belief, but more with an open minded attitude  allowing you to always improve on it, to debug the bad reasoning and allowing you to excel at creating your life.

We all know that the kids blowing themselves up are re programmed by specialists and this is the danger: not knowing this capacity you have to change your very own program. The freedom oriented individual who wants to create his or her life knows that very well. They work at it everyday to make sure the right automation is installed and not the bad ones, never mind the deadly ones. They set the goals, their priorities and manage very well their time therefore creating their own world and lives.

The ignorants on the other end believe whatever makes them feel good at the moment or whatever is fashionable and thus never are masters of their own beliefs, values and therefore their lives.  They allow other people to program their minds. Their lives and their time are managed and controlled by others. They only get what is planned by whoever or whatever manage their lives and time.

Is this your case? What are you going to do about it? Contact me or read every article on this site if you want to know how to change that state. Taking control of your programming is THE ONLY key to create everything you want.


Scope And Limits Of One’s reponsibility

Can Decide What You Believe In?

I think we are 100% responsible of our own beliefs and actions or behavior BUT why should I for my drunk neighbor? Or anything that is done without my consent and against my will?

This describes governments’ behavior of-course and to a certain extend religion because one has a choice in what to believe. According to contract doctrines and so called laws there could be NO social contract without the informed consent and will of free people.  Now, not to question your beliefs IS a decision. Did you take the good ones?

In business your are the product of your past decisions and in life too, so you are much better to take control of your beliefs as they will bring you exactly where they lead you, the question is: is this where you want or decided to go?

All government have a fatal contradiction that destroys their ”raison-d’être”, their legitimacy. If they claim to have suppressed slavery then logically they cannot enforce any of their so called ”laws” or rules against your will  and or without your consent as doing so is claiming to rule you as a master reducing you by force to slavery. These masters rightly believe that the slave who believes to be free is much more productive than the one who knows is being exploited to his detriment.

The fact that they still do it cannot be construed as consent since we all comply under duress as we all know they will always find somebody willing (by complicity or sheer ignorance and obeying orders) to use force to jail you or worse in order to gain your properties (energy) and silence you.

The effect of this fact on society could be seen as a values, and these value are violence and domination. So our societies value violence.

Law societies are very aware of that state, are you? Maybe that is why they call it the state. Ignorance of what is is no excuse, but to whom? Are we responsible? Is it the party offering the illusion (under duress or not is irrelevant in my opinion) or is it the one accepting it with all the consequences?  Who should turn on the light? This gives you more questions than answers, no?  A hint : when awareness becomes greater than ignorance.

It is hard to change the government, don’t you think? Beside you can get killed in the process. It is also hard to change yourself BUT it is way easier than the alternative: to change the world. You CAN decide anything you want and start to change yourself, it is simple BUT it is not easy.  You can pick the country that provides the best conditions for your business model, you can pick the business model that best fit your style, in the end it is all up to you to create your life, one decision at the time.