Earn While You Sleep Lifestyle

The only way to achieve this lifestyle is to build a business where you get paid  a royalty or commission on repeating purchase from your network. We call this type of income ”Asset Based Income’‘ or passive income meaning you do NOT trade your limited time for money.

This is for anyone who has not been born rich and has no capital invested in revenue generating investments.  The later is what you should do after having found a way to generate the wealth in the first place, provided you also knew how not to loose it all to the taxman and other thieves. Some billionaire said: Your are better off making 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of you own efforts. I make sense to me. 

Nowadays there are many opportunities allowing someone to build such leveraged business with no employees!

The business model is simple but not easy as one has to learn the leadership and communication skills required. But with this model you can lower all other unavoidable risks and you are left with the time to enjoy your wealth.

The traditional business model is very risky.  It requires a lot of capital. Most of the time you are alone in it and with no experience. It is easy to see why it is quite a challenge where the chances of loosing your lifelong investment capital are high. Because of that,  you might also loose your health by trying not to loose it all by working desperately 80 hours a week or more, and then what are you left with?

Building a large business also requires hiring and training a lot of employees and this alone is very hard.

You have to struggle to have enough sales to cover your employees and fixed costs, then enough capital to handle new customer’s orders which then forces you to expand with new employees needing training etc. The spiral of these growth crisis is very stressful, most do not survive their own success!

This is the catch where you loose your health to make money and then you loose your money trying to buy back your health, clearly this is way too risky for most and with good reasons. There is a old saying that says: your health is your best wealth.

The business model you are looking for is called “Network Marketing“. You can get an idea of how many companies do it by clicking here and pick the one that is right for you. This choice and decision is the most important for your success. Teachers are among the most successful in this way of doing business.

The decisions you have to make:

  1. Decide to be your own boss
  2. Decide you want to build a network of lifelong consumers of a product you believe in and can share without feeling your are selling it
  3.  If you are looking for lifelong income make sure you select a legacy company that has a low risk of being out of business, 10,20,50 years down the road
  4. make sure you get a sponsor that is truly committed to your success and  will get you started when you are ready, otherwise it will be a lot harder
  5. Then get started and get your first 10 signed-up within 90 days
  6. Get started also in your personal development and keep on learning new communication and leadership skills
  7. Enjoy your new lifestyle

We have picked Usana which best fits our values, needs, goals and beliefs.