Basic Steps To Get Your Team Started!

To get started properly you are required to acquire and know these things:

A. Factor #1 – A successful mindset
B. Factor #2 – A new set of skills for the network marketing profession

This will allow do do it right the first time and get results in 90 days. 

Taken from How to Build Your Network Marketing Business in 15 Minutes a Day’‘ By Big Al

As simple as 1-2-3

Then you want to know:

  1. Know  why you do it – Your sponsor will help you to determine what it is.
  2. What to say. PLEASE do NOT talk to ANYONE before your know what to say otherwise you will kill your business which is your warm market! Your sponsor will teach you what to say words for words and it is NOT selling.
  3. What to do exactly when you sponsor a new associate.
  4. What to learn in order to become good in 90 days.
  5. What are your priorities NOW to reach your first 90 days business targets. You will set your goals, targets, mission in synergy with your vision all aligned with your why above.

What you should do right now even before signing up:

  1. Subscribe To Darren Daily. This will help you resetting your mindset.
  2. This next link is the best one hour investment you can make to understanding your new business:Building Your Network Marketing Business.
  3. Optional for now: get on and read Jim Rohn ‘s quotes and listen to his tapes or search on Youtube;
  4. Get started with 10-15 minutes per day of personal development. 30 minutes a day is much better. Ask your sponsor for suggestions.
  5. Get started and trained with this unique audio book by Big Al’s: ”How to Manipulate and Control the Minds of Others for Fun and Profit’‘. This will give you real hope you can do it within 90 days! Click the link and get really exited! This is easy and fun!
    Then get this book : ”Quick Start Guide for Network Marketing: Get Started FAST, Rejection-FREE!”
    Then get this Two minutes story book or audio and listen to how your sponsor does it while training you using video conference or 3 way calls. Also get his book How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport. With this one you will avoid 95% of all objections.
  6. define  your purpose, your vision and your operational goals with your sponsor; this will determine your commitment level and what leadership training you need if any. Decide who you want to become in one year, in five years, in ten years. Goals of less than $2000 a month do not require learning leadership abilities.
  7. if you are shooting for the stars then you need this Big Al book:
    The Complete Three-Book Network Marketing Leadership Series
    This will save you years of trial and error and will avoid most pitfalls of those with inexperienced sponsors.