So How Much Do You Know About Yourself?


If we know each other professionally, you should read this.

These are my results for the CODEBREAKER personality test and the information you can find about me there is more important than anything you could possibly dig up on my profile.

And I couldn’t have said it better myself!
So 2 things..

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So you Want To Know Everything About Vitamins And Nutrition?

Vitamins were discovered at the same time as penicillin in the 1930’s. They are as effective in most cases BUT do not have the side effects of destroying your gut microbiota.

You want and need to know about them. Here is THE one stop website about them with all the links and footnotes to the thousands of medical studies proving they are effective, their only drawback? Big Pharma cannot patent them! This might explain why mainstream health care is silencing the facts. Use your better judgement  to decide if side effects from patented solutions that mask the problems are what you need or if true self  healing is better for you.

And How About Innovation In Nutrition?

Here is the best summary I could find out just for you.

Leading Causes Of Deaths In Canada

Rank Cause of Death Number Of Victims, 2012 % Of Total Deaths
1 Malignant neoplasms (cancer) 74,361 30.2
2 Diseases of heart (heart disease) 48,681 19.7
3 Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke) 13,174 5.3
4 Chronic lower respiratory diseases 11,130 4.5
5 Accidents (unintentional injuries) 11,290 4.6
6 Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) 6,993 2.8
7 Alzheimer’s disease 6,293 2.6
8 Influenza and pneumonia 5,694 2.3
9 Intentional self-harm (suicide) 3,926 1.6
10 Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney disease) 3,327 1.3
This page was last updated on June 26, 2018.
Also from the World Health Organisation: The top 10 causes of death

Now you know the risks of doing nothing, what can you do about it?


Life is too Short to Suffer

If your stress is so powerful its time to let it go. What are those thoughts?

Are you worried about your children and their future? Does the number in your bank account not make you feel safe and secure? Is something broken, and you really need to fix it, but you don’t know where to start?

We all have these same exact thoughts and issues. No, it doesn’t make them any less meaningful or less powerful to each person. Your issues are not insignificant because someone else has them, in fact, its the opposite.

Humans, with our survival mind in a modern world, suffer from very similar issues.It’s about how we begin to help ourselves be relieved of the suffering and live in a beautiful state of mind. It’s about the people we reach out to, the resources we use for our success, and the mindset we carry every single day.

Life is too short to suffer.


New Neuroscience Reveals 7 Secrets That Will Make You Persuasive

Yes I copied over the headline!

People who know me might not yet be aware of my recent transition from working alone to team building. Working with people requires a fair degree of communication skills that I might have neglected in my past enterprises, you see I was working better alone,  I thought I was but not that much can be done alone.

I realized, thanks to Robert Kiyosaki that, in order to increase your wealth beyond eight figure you have to learn either how to get thousands of employees, or much much better and easier, thousand of associates in a business network.

This requires a lot of communications skills. This brings about the subject of this post. I was studying Tom Schreiter’s AKA Big AL books the one minute presentation and read the excellent book from Robert Cialdini : ”Presuasion” because I was looking for a way to communicate without sounding like a salesman, also because communicating to induce behavioral changes over 6 months goes much beyond selling as such. When you sound like a salesman it triggers automatic shield, because people love to buy BUT they hate being sold. Cialdini writes about how a single opening statement can get your mind to focus on the proposition as opposed to the opposite, closing your mind to it.

Big Al explains it much better than Cialdini with tons of examples in all of his amazing books, I have them all! This is a game changer that makes your life much easier and fun as you learn how to ask the right questions. It is also the same principles you learn from Larry Wilson’s book: the one minute sales person.

The key idea here is that people like to talk about themselves as pointed out by Dale Carnegie years earlier. So when you ask relevant questions and listen carefully they find you interesting. That builds trust and once you gained that trust they become open minded toward any suggestions that might improve their lives. They feel good with you and your solutions. 

Big Al introduced me to this neuroscience discoveries on how our brains make instant decisions without the actual data backing it up.  This was for me a welcomed disruptive knowledge that allows me to build teams much much faster with a lot of ease and actual pleasure. 

For people needing to get more technical details, read this article. BUT If you are building a network marketing team, value your time more for action than education, you NEED and WANT to get Big Al’s books.  I used the audio books because I am a slow reader.

This will change your numbers and you will have a lot of fun!

This works for any relationships. It allows rejection free honest answers to many confronting situations and save you hours of convincing or fighting.

I hope you enjoy Big Al and the wisdom he shares.