New Neuroscience Reveals 7 Secrets That Will Make You Persuasive

Yes I copied over the headline!

People who know me might not yet be aware of my recent transition from working alone to building team. Working with people requires a fair degree of communication skills that I might have neglected in my past enterprises, you see I was working better alone I thought.

I realized, thanks to Robert Kiyosaki that, in order to increase your wealth beyond six figure you have to learn either how to get thousands of employees, or much much better and easier, thousand of associates in a business network.

This requires a lot of communications skills. This brings about the subject of this post. I was studying Tom Schreiter’s AKA Big AL books the one minute presentation and read the excellent book from Robert Cialdini : ”Presuasion” because I was looking for a way to communicate without sounding like a salesman, also because communicating to induce behavioral changes over 6 months goes much beyond than selling as such. When you sound like a saleman it triggers automatic shield, because people love to buy BUT they hate being sold. Cialdini writes about how a single opening statement can get your mind to focus on the proposition as opposed to the opposite, closing your mind to it.

Big Al explains it much better than Cialdini with tons of examples in the 2 minutes story book.

Big Al introduced me to this neuroscience discoveries on how our brains make instant decisions without the actual data backing it up.  This was for me a welcomed disruptive knowledge that allows building teams much much faster with a lot of ease and actual pleasure. 

For people needing to get more details, read this article. If you are building a network marketing team, you NEED and WANT to get Big Al’s books, I used the audio books, this will change your numbers and you will have a lot of fun!

Seven Arguments for Taking Nutritional Supplements

So you are an analytical skeptic and need the footnotes?

Everybody knows or should know that our environment has been massively degraded since the bombs used in world war two were recycled into our growing field as fertilizer, propelling a new era of growing food. Who am I to say that this is the wrong way? According to this article: ”Seven Arguments for Taking Nutritional Supplements” by a respected source in my opinion, there is compelling evidence suggesting we all need high quality supplements, not the low quality (99%) found everywhere. You want the pharmaceutical grade supplements you can find from a friend of yours who has spent hours studying the subject.

Not taking high quality supplements is a sure way to get one of the many degenerative diseases and worse, to age prematurely. Who loves aching everyday and longer wrinkles? Why not slowing aging by whatever percentage today since it is possible? All it takes is four to six nutritional supplements in the morning and in the evening to feed your trillions of cells what they need and you feel better and look younger right away! You do not believe  me?

Did I mentioned these crop growing fields were also sprayed with deadly chemical?

If you are like me and do not want to miss out on the possibility of feeling better and aging slower, you want to know what are the best ones. Read and watch what these people say, can you afford 10 minutes to get the scientific facts? How much is your health worth? Would you pay $20,000 a year in insurance or rather a mere $2000 on prevention while enjoying a fantastic life? You choice, your life, your way.


Want To Know About Usana’s Supplements And Why They Are Rated The Best In The World?

Fair enough, this is a major claim I agree!

You might ask yourself who rated Usana number one, right? Well many many people and athletes. However the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements for the Americas (6th Edition) did it formally and the approach they used to rate them is scientifically based. The best food supplement in the world, really? It might pay to listen how biochemist and author Lyle MacWilliam breaks down the guidelines and criteria that can help you choose the best quality nutritional supplements on Dr. Oz Show  here.

After all, with regards to nutrition and given the facts that there is so much toxic food still allowed on the market, why should you let this confusion prevent you from learning about the new discoveries of the last ten  years in the field of nutrition?

So if your health is number one on your priority list, then you owe it to yourself to browse this page and get in touch with this guy ASAP!

I totally agree with this proposition: Prevention IS the only TRUE health insurance that exist as most doctors do not know how to really cure for good 95% of all degenerative diseases! So if you get one your odds to get cured are slim at best.